Simply Salted

Simply Salted

When popcorn’s this perfect, sometimes a dash is all you need.

White Cheddar

White Cheddar

Take the irresistiful flavour of sharp white cheddar on the go, wherever life takes you.

Light Butter MWP


Deceivingly delicious and buttery with 50% less fat than our Buttery flavour popping corn.

Select White MWP

Select White

Made with delicate white corn and real butter, for a premium taste and texture.

Sweet and Salty

Sweet & Salty

A little sweet, a little salty—and a whole lot of yummy.

Smart Pop MWP

Smart Pop

Snack without giving up the delicious, fresh-popped taste and aroma you love. Each serving of Orville Redenbacher’s® Smart Pop! Gourmet® microwave popcorn is low in calories, a good source of fibre and has no trans-fat. And with the Pop Up Bowl it’s super-convenient.